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Schick Intuition Plus Razor, Shaving Gel Built In

Schick Intuiton Self Lathering Razor for WomenI have bad luck with razors. Well….. actually, I am a clutz. Hmmm, I suppose I really am a clutz who also has bad luck with razors. I also really loathe getting waxed (effective, but ouch!) and can’t stand the smell of depilatories.

After slicing my legs up several times in a row with razors that are supposed to be some of the better ones (I hate the Venus Razor by the way), I went searching for something new.

Enter the Schick Intuition Plus Razor. This one is pretty unique. The razor has a soap/gel cartridge “thingy”–sorry, I have no idea what to call it– that surrounds the razor blade. this eliminates the need for shaving cream or gel. Instead, just wet it and start shaving. It keeps everything nicely lathered and soapy. It also moisturizes pretty well.

The blade itself is fine. I didn’t shred my legs with it anyway. The cartridge wears down at about the same rate as the blade, so they tend to give out about the same time. Adding a refill is simple, albeit a bit more expensive than replacing normal razor blades.

The razor also comes with a suction cup holder for the shower wall and a cap to keep the soapy thingy dry. I thought it would fall off pretty quick, but weeks later, it is still stuck there just fine.

This thing has saved my life.

OK, that is exaggerating…… It has saved my legs though!

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