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How To Apply Foundation

I have been asked a lot recently about basic makeup tips and application. So I decided to present a few how to articles from guest authors as part of a back to basics series. The first in the series looks at how to apply makeup foundation.

Cream to Powder Foundation: Many consider a creme-to-powder, such as Make Up Forever Duo Matte (editors note: highly recommended, read previous review here: Make Up Forever Foundation) to be the best foundation for most skin types.  Apply a creme-to-power foundation by using the enclosed sponge. Dab to sponge onto the make up and pick up a small amount. Then, starting with your nose, spread the foundation gently across your nose and onto the cheek areas. Make sure your application is smooth and even (you should not be able to see any lines.) Once the nose and cheeks are covered, spread more foundation evenly across the rest of your face. You want to make sure it all blends and has an even look. Applying foundation with more pressure on the sponge will create a more full coverage, less pressure will result in lighter coverage. Avoid pure powder foundation if you have dry skin, as it can make you look chalky.

Liquid Foundation: Folks with oily skin, or skin that is oily in places and dry in places, will probably prefer an oil-free, liquid product such as Stila Natural Finish Oil-Free Makeup. Those with very dry skin might prefer a moisturizing brand. To apply the foundation, remove the cap from the bottle, and place a small amount of foundation on your fingertip. Depending on your coverage preference, place between one and three dots of foundation each on your nose, cheeks, forehead and chin.

Next, use a foundation sponge ( we particularly love the Beauty Blender Sponge) or your fingers to smooth the dots together so that your whole face is covered. Add more foundation as necessary to create an even finish.

There are also several options for folks with uneven skin-tone or freckles. One option is to use a foundation primer concealer or a BB cream underneath the foundation. You would place the primer or concealer only over the area(s) that needed attention, and then cover your full face with the foundation. Alternately, you may choose a sheer powder or very light foundation and let your natural beauty shine through.  Women who tan in the summer will find they need seasonal foundations. However, it is not a good idea to use a darker foundation to mimic a tan. The solution for that is a self-tanner specially formulated for faces.

The biggest secret, whichever type you choose, is to make sure the coverage has no streaks or dark/ light spots, and that the shade you choose matches your skin. The best foundation is the one that makes you feel beautiful.

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