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Winter Beauty Essentials

Today, Emma J is providing another great beauty post!

Following my summer beauty essentials I am now sharing my winter beauty essentials.

The temperature seems to have dipped rather rapidly here in NYC and as the season changes I can feel my skin changing with it. So it’s time to share my Winter Beauty Essentials. Perfect for the urban warrior.

winter beauty

Whatever the temperature, as an actress and model my skin is expected to look flawless, so I am always eager to try new products and the following ones stand out. One skincare line that I continue to use is Honey Girl Organics. Their ‘Super Skin Food’ is superb and works as a protective barrier against the elements. I am also a fan of their ‘Face & Eye Creme’ mainly because I can use it under my eyes as well as on the rest of my face. The result is radiant skin. Another approach to combating dry skin during winter is  ‘Save Your Skin’  face spray by Solar Recover. I use this throughout the year, however it feels especially refreshing with the dry heat our skin has to endure while inside during the winter months. I also love the skincare line ‘Sibu Beauty.’ I recommend the Sea Buckthorn seed oil for dry skin conditions. I use their hydrating serum. For extra dry skin I recommend Skin Food by Weleda.  It seriously protects your skin when winter is in hardcore mode.

I like to use serums as I believe they penetrate deeper and therefore are more effective then creams. One serum I continue to use at night is Burt’s Bees Repair Serum. It contains Borage and Evening Primrose oils. I introduced my beautiful mum to this serum and she loves it. I have recently started using ‘Mychelle’ Vitamin A Plus Serum at night (it accelerates cellular turnover to increase skins metabolism for clear, even-toned skin). I use this under the Burt’s Bees serum and as a result I wake up with happy skin!  I also recently discovered Beauty Balm by Badger. It is a great moisturizer for the eyes.


As a vegan I’m very aware that beauty starts from within. So the topical creams and serums are pointless if you are not creating beauty on the inside. A staple during the winter months is  Vitamin D3 Vegan by Nordic Naturals. It is essential for health and well being and proper cell replication. I recently started to take Organic Hemp Oil by Nutiva. I must say I have really noticed a difference in my skin tone. I am a fan of Zinc, it not only promotes skin health but it’s great for ones immune system.  My favorite is by New Chapter, it is food based and works with your body. In fact I’ve been using this for years and highly recommend it. A clean liver means clean skin, so limiting alcohol always helps!  I am now taking Vegan Protect by Megafood to support my liver. Living in a big city means pollution coming at you from every direction so our liver needs extra support.
I am a huge fan of microdermabrasion,  it gently uncovers a visibly brighter skin tone. Definitely worth a try if you have yet to discover this beauty gem. The two most important components of my beauty essentials are water and sleep. I have to remind myself to drink enough water during the winter months. I aim for 1.5 liters daily. Sleep seems to be a luxury in NYC, the city that never stops working, however it is obviously essential to gorgeous skin!

Stay beautiful and shine bright this winter and remember beauty starts on the inside!

All the products mentioned are available at Wholefoods.

Microdermabrasion is available at most good spas.

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