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Travel Beauty Essentials – Italian Edition

Traveling really is the best education. As a model and actress and yes beauty warrior I like to explore local beauty boutiques on my travels and discover skincare gems. Having just performed in The Merchant of Venice, in breathtaking Venice, I found myself deeply inspired by its beauty. From the architecture to the fashion to the effortless beauty on the streets. Ever since the love of my life entered my world and inspired me, less is more has been my beauty philosophy and I found Italian beauty does that effortlessly. The focus should always be radiant healthy skin before even thinking about make-up. So let’s start this Italian edition of travel beauty essentials with a flawless canvas.

Dusk from the Rialto Bridge that crosses the Grand Canal.

To create that radiant and oh so kissable skin. I indulged in a facial at the Hilton Molino Stucky Spa. I have to say it was the most relaxing facial I’ve ever experienced. I prepared my skin by using the sauna which allows for muscle relaxation, detoxing and increases circulation. Now I’m ready. The treatment room was beautiful; with a zen energy and soothing smell I was so comfortable on the warm massage table I nearly fell asleep. As my dedicated beauty essential lovers know, being a city girl means we have a lot of pollution coming at us daily, facials assist our skin and clean it on a level that can not be achieved in our own bathrooms/beauty boudoirs. I enjoyed the ‘Biotec Sonic Skin – Radiance Facial’ – the ultrasonic vibrations (which felt really good on my skin) draw out impurities and exfoliate and the galvanic current helps to re-energize and restore moisture. Resulting in more radiant and luminous skin. The products used here are by British skincare leader Elemis. Having grown up in England I am familiar with the proven results of Elemis, it is finally available in America now for all my U.S.beauties. I’m using the Pro-Collagen Cleansing balm, which smells divine! It’s a super cleansing balm that dissolves make-up and daily grime and pollutants. Skin is intensely cleansed, nourished and renewed for a glowing complexion. My skin is loving it!  Discover more at www.elemis.com

Outside the Hilton Molino Stucky Hotel following my Radiance Facial….


Let’s stop for a beauty break and drink filtered water with lemon (to alkalize) ahhh feels good…I see your skin glowing from the inside out. Looking gorgeous…let’s continue shall we….

I like simplicity when it comes to my skincare and when I travel I am attracted to products that multitask. Step up Argan Oil and take center stage. Meet my travel companion that moisturizes my skin, my hair (and dare I say split ends if I see any) and for overnight flights it takes off eye make up. I use Mychelle organic Advanced Argan Oil. Continuing with my love of Mychelle for travel – I would not leave home without ‘Sun Shield Unscented SPF 28 Broad Spectrum’ for my face. Flying sucks the moisture out of our skin. Hello ‘Skin Food’ and thank you for feeding my skin and keeping it perfectly moisturized above the clouds. Weleda was everywhere in Venice. It is hugely popular there and having been a fan of SkinFood for years, I understand why. Now we have a flawless canvas, let’s make sure our hair compliments it.

Another option is rocking a cap during the summer….


Let’s talk combating dry summer hair…..In my travel essentials bag I also brought Rosemary Conditioning Hair Oil by Weleda. I found myself wearing a top knot most days for rehearsal. I’d wash my hair and comb this powerfully invigorating oil through towel dried hair and then add Weleda Replenishing Conditioner as a leave in conditioning treatment. Side note the Rosemary Oil smells incredible! I mean I can’t get enough of this refreshing smell in the morning….For styling I used ‘Thickening Tonic’ by Aveda. I’m loving this dynamic little spray while blow drying my hair. All products mentioned are travel friendly in size. 

While traveling for work (and pleasure) a strong immune system is vital. I do that by starting with the foundation, probiotics. I start to take these prior to travel and then throughout my stay. I use the organic vegan ‘Proviotic’ by JuicePress. A healthy digestive tract means a healthy body. Also from JuicePress – Ginger Fireball, great little suckers while flying and packed with vitamin C. I am a lover of Tumeric, especially while traveling as its anti inflammatory. I love new chapters tumeric. I also take Host Defense Breathe or Comprehensive Immune Support. I’ve spoken about the power of medicinal mushrooms before, they support the immune system so much – our goal should be consistently supporting our immune system to keep it at its best throughout the year and while traveling know it needs a little more support. Especially on long haul flights, where cabins are incubators for germs. 

Traveling around Venice by water taxi with my glowing hydrated skin….

Drinking lots of filtered water throughout the day not only keeps our skin supple but supports every organ in our body. Our skin is glowing, our hair is lustrous and our immune system is superhero strong – get ready for Part 2 where the focus is on make-up from Italy that enhances our beauty for that flawless summer face as we travel the globe….

Ciao Bella….


Hilton, Molino Stucky, Venice.

Tel: 39 041 2723311







Emma is a model and actress living in NYC. Represented by Expressions models. Please contact Greer at info@expressionsmodels.com for all booking information.


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