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Getting Dry Skin Ready For Spring: Dove Derma Series

Disclosure: Sponsored post by Mirum. All opinions are my own.

It has been a busy winter for me. I have been running around constantly, as in literally hitting gym and the trails for distance runs nearly daily. I recently trained for and completed my second 100-mile race, finishing the Rocky Raccoon 100 in just over 29 hours. All that outdoor running in winter really does a number on my skin.  I tend to get wind chapped and dry. My feet also are in particularly bad shape at the moment. So everything needs some TLC to get ready for spring.  Let’s face it, sandal season is just around the corner and I am not even close to ready!  But fortunately I got the opportunity to try some new Dove Derma Series products from Target, including an AMAZING repair balm. I just started using them, so I am going to use this post to share some info about them and then I will follow up with another report in about three weeks. Follow my social channels for weekly updates too!

The Dove Derma Series Products at Target

The Dove Derma Series is focused specifically on dry skin relief.  There are six products: Repairing Balm, Body Lotion, Face Wash, Hand Cream, Face Cream, and Body Wash. I am trying the Hand Cream, Body Wash, and Repairing Balm.  

Dove Repairing Balm: I have just started using this and already am in love. It is a nice thick balm that spreads on easily and is super moisturizing.

I initially started using the balm on dry patches on my legs, but then I realized that it would be awesome on my feet. So now I am setting it to work on my dry heels. Here is a before picture of my foot.  As an aside, it is really difficult to take a photo of your own heel! But, after some blind shots and odd angles, I got one. Check back in three weeks and see how it improves.   


Dove Dry Skin Relief Body Wash: The body wash is equally lovely.  It is super moisturizing and I have been using it on my dry legs daily. I also use it to wash my feet after running if I am going to be in the car for a bit before I can get to a shower.  Washing with regular soap can really dry out the skin, so this is a great way to get clean and moisturized at the same time.


Dove Dry Skin Relief Hand Cream: This is a nice, fast absorbing, hand cream. It has more of a lotion consistency, which I really like. It doesn’t feel heavy, yet it moisturizes very well. I can get pretty much instant results using it.

Here are photos of my hand before using the product and shortly after. It is a bit subtle in photos, but I think my hand looks smoother. It certainly feels smoother.     


Stay Tuned

I am going to give these products a complete test, so come back in three weeks for my after photos and follow up! I will post weekly on my social channels too!  

Meanwhile, if you want to learn more or try any of these, you can learn more and get them all at Target

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