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Revlon and Sephora Makeup Eraser Pen Review

Sephora Makeup Eraser Pen Review
Sephora Makeup Eraser Pen

Update: The Revlon Makeup Eraser Pen item is no longer in production and is getting hard to find online. However, the Sephora Makeup Eraser Pen (pictured) is essentially the same and is available for $6. I highly recommend one of these pens!

I picked up a Revlon Makeup Eraser Pen at CVS the other day. After just a few uses, this brand new product is a must have item for me.

I’m pretty klutzy with the eyeliner and such, and this product is wonderful at fixing those mistakes. Just as the name says, it is a makeup eraser. The soft tip removes smudges quickly and easily. Aside from using it on some actual eyeliner and mascara smudges, I tried it out on some fabricated ones that were larger (hopefully!) than people would encounter during normal use. It did just fine removing a chunk of black eyeliner from my cheek and removed big mascara smudges as well. After those bigger cleanups, I had to wipe off the pen a bit as well, but it came clean for reuse with no problems.

With this thing around, I might wear eyeliner much more often, since mistakes are now easier to handle. Nobody wants to have to wash off all of their makeup and start over because of a small mistake. Now you don’t have to. Just erase and retouch up the area. This is the best product purchase I have made all year! Seriously!

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