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Lorac Croc Palette Swatches and Review

Lorac Croc Palette Review

The Lorac Croc Palette is one of those cult classic items that has been around in some for or another forever and that always gets rave reviews. The Lorac Croc reviews are generally good for a reason too—this palette simply rocks! It has wonderful neutral shades with good pigment that can be worn by many different people. The pallet itself is compact and attractive, making it easy to carry and use.  Once I took some Lorac Croc Palette swatches, I knew that I would be using this makeup kit a ton. Why it took me so long to buy one, I will never know!

Lorac Croc Palette Photo

One note about the blush in this set–it is pretty highly pigmented. I think it will work for most skin tones, but if you are especially fair like I am, you might need a very light touch with it. I have been mixing it with a super light pink that I like a lot, but that I sometimes wish were just a tad darker (benefit dandelion for those who are curious), and I found that the two mix rather nicely. I simply coat the brush in the lighter shade first and then add a bit from the Croc Palette. But I have also worn the blush alone and just blended it well.

Lorac Croc Palette Swatches

Below are Croc Palette swatches.  The blush is on the far left side.

Lroac Croc Palette Swatches

I do seriously love this makeup set! It is perfect for both summer and fall. I’m betting it will make my best of the year list this year.

Buy the Croc Pallette online at Sephoroa.

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