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Silk’n Flash and Go Review, Home Laser Hair Removal

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Silk’n Flash and Go Review

Update: Not sure which to get, the Tria or the Flash and Go? See our quick comparison here: Tria v. Flash and Go. Until now, home laser hair removal for the face for was not available as an approved use in any home devices. The new Silk’n Flash and Go home laser hair removal device, available at the Silk’n Website, changes that. The Flash and Go is designed to treat a smaller area with each light pulse, and it is FDA cleared for use on facial hair. It also can be used on the legs, bikini line, underarms etc, but it will take a bit longer to use than the larger standard Silkn device or a similar device such as the Tria laser (my personal favorite). The upside though is that the Flash and go is also cheaper at $299, so if you don’t mind a few extra minutes of time when doing treatments, it can be a way to save a bit of money over one of the more expensive devices.  So far, the early consumer Silk’n flash and Go reviews have been favorable. Silkn-Flash-and-Go-Laser

How The Silk’n Flash and Go Works

The Flash&Go uses Home Pulsed Light(HPL) technology to target pigment in the hair shaft. Over multiple uses, the pulsed light laser will deaden the hair follicle and result in permanent hair removal.  Because pulsed light targets pigment, it is only safe for use by those with lighter skin, and the ideal candidate will be a person with light skin and darker hair. As a safety precaution, the Flash and Go includes a skin color sensor that is built into the device which measures skin complexion before each treatment session and at occasional points during each use. The sensor enables the device to be used on only the appropriate skin tones. If you have dark skin and are looking for something safe to use for permanent hair removal, take a look at the Verseo eGlide instead (here is our Eglide Review). The eGlide is not as easy to use and is not as effective as a laser, but it is safe for all skin tones and also can be used on facial hair. It also is significantly cheaper (normally around $89). All home laser hair removal devices take a number of treatment sessions in order to show results. Typically, a user can expect to see permanent hair loss after a period of around 6 months, but the time may vary. Do not expect immediate results with either home of salon/spa laser hair removal.

Benefits of the Silk’n Flash and Go

The primary benefits of the Flash and Go over other laser devices is its ability to be used on facial hair and its lower cost. Because lasers can damage the eyes, most home devices are not approved for use on facial hair. The Flash and Go, however, has been FDA cleared for that use. Because it treats a smaller area with each light pulse, presumably it presents less risk to the eyes. Be sure to follow all safety instructions included with the device. Overall,the Flash and Go will be much cheaper than salon or spa laser hair removal treatments and it runs about $100 less than the popular home lasers- the Tria and the standard Silk’n Sens Epil.

Downsides of the Flash and Go

The Flash and Go treats a smaller area with each light pulse, meaning that for larger body areas, such as the legs, it will take longer to use. For body use, the top recommended product is still the Tria laser, which has had good proven results. But the Flash and go certainly is a viable alternative.

Where to Find It

Get it at the Silk’n Website:  Shop for the Flash and Go

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