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Fall Beauty Essentials

Emma is back with this great post on Fall Beauty Essentials! Be sure to read her other posts as well. They are linked at the end.

Fall Beauty Essentials

Following my previous beauty essentials I am back with new beauty tips to navigate the coming season…

Taking care of my skin is part of my job. So let me take you behind the scenes and share what I’ve learnt so far as a model and actress. The demands of living in a city can play havoc on your skin, that accompanied by heavy make up on photo shoots, travel and long hours means I need products that I can rely on.

Hello Autumn, or should I say Fall…(as a British girl living in NY I sometimes face these tiny language differences). And hello drier skin. Yes, I already feel the changing season sucking the moisture out of my skin. My skincare regimen is constantly evolving and adapting, depending on the season and climate. However there is one constant; water. It is non negotiable. Now this may seem an obvious suggestion and it is. I am starting with water as I know I need to remind myself to drink more, especially as the temperature starts to dip. I aim for 2 liters of filtered water daily. The benefits of water are endless. To have radiant skin does not need to be expensive. It takes discipline and action. After all what’s the point of that brand new dress when you don’t have gorgeous skin to compliment it.

I can not emphasize enough that beauty starts from the inside out. Take a long look at what you eat. Keep it simple. Keep it fresh. Ideally a vegan diet. Organic, non GMO fruit and vegetables are the most rewarding for clear, glowing skin. I will be talking about this in more detail in my next ‘beauty essentials’.

Sometimes there are outside factors that are simply beyond our control. For me that would be living in the city. I love living in Manhattan, however my skin not so much. So support your liver, as it works harder for urban warriors. Your liver will thank you with clearer skin.

Let’s talk product. I have spoken about Juice Beauty before and I have found the blemish clearing serum is now my go to product when my skin needs extra support. I highly recommend it. Www.juicebeauty.com.

During the summer (and when in tropical climates) I use Desert Essence natural cleansing pads with tea tree oil, they are so effortless when on the go. However, as the season changes they can be too drying so I recommend Honey Girl Organics facial cleanser & make-up remover. This can be used to remove eye make up as well. Ahhh we love that. I am a huge, huge, fan of this line and their facial toner (which I use as a face spray) feels just as good in the cooler months. Their face and eye cream is convenient as it is one product that does two jobs. My skin drinks it up and glows afterwards. To learn more check out www.honeygirlorganics.com

Mychelle Organics is another one of my favorite beauty lines. Simply because their skincare works. They have products for every skin type. I am currently a fan of the advanced Argan Oil. This is perfect for traveling (I am always on the look out for products I can take on the plane) as it has a number of uses. I use it under my moisturizer and I dab a touch around my eyes when flying and it can be used for your hair. All in one product! Love it. Their Perfect C serum and the Serious Hyaluronic firming serum are two of my favorite serums. I like to layer my skincare to protect my skin from pollution, sun (yes even when it’s cooler). Serums also penetrate deeper. Mychelle has the only sunscreen I would put anywhere near my face. It is called Sun Shield SPF 28.  Www.Mychelle.com

Sea buckthorn is a magical little berry that you should get to know. It grows in the Tibetan Himalayas and Sibu beauty’s products all contain this abundant fruit. I highly recommend their Sea buckthorn Seed Oil. I use it when the NY hardcore winter kicks in, as a barrier against the elements. I plan on getting some for my dad, I will probably have to dab it on his face when he falls asleep. I love their sea buckthorn liquid supplement. They also have great body products, try their body cream. Glowing skin is not limited to the face, our skin should feel good from head to toe. Look out for my body beauty essentials soon. Www.sibubeauty.com

I am a fan of microdermabrasion. In fact it is now an essential part of my skincare regimen. It cleans deep in your pores and leaves the skin extremely radiant. I highly recommend my facialist and I am prepared to share her. Nicolette Vallone can be contacted at Verve Medical Aesthetics on the Upper East Side in NYC. As a bonus to you if you mention my name, then you will get a specialty pricing. Because everyone deserves gorgeous skin! If you are not in NY most good spas offer microdermabrasion.

So beauty lovers, remember that the skin is our largest organ and it tells us what is happening inside. What is your skin telling you?


Emma J is represented by MMG Model, talent & celebrity management in NYC.
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Contact Nicolette Vallone at Verve on 212-888-3003

Photo credit to Lenka Drastakova.

All products mentioned are available at your local wholefoods.

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