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LORAC Mega Pro Swatches

The limited edition LORAC Mega Pro palette has been highly anticipated and it sold out on the LORAC website in a matter of hours. However it is still available here on Amazon.com as of the time of this writing. Given the incredible value of this palette, I don’t expect it to last there for very long. I ordered mine and got it quickly with Amazon prime and I couldn’t be more delighted with it. If you buy just one palette this year, make it this one!


LORAC Mega Pro PaletteThe LORAC Mega Pro Palette contains 32 high quality, high pigment eye shadows in a variety of rather useful shades. Half (16) of the shades are matte and the other half are shimmers. Most are a light shimmer, but a couple have a bit more grain to them. The shades are highly bendable, so they also mix well if you like to create new shades. The shadows apply well either wet or dry.


LORAC Mega Pro Palette Eye Shadows

My only real beef with LORAC shadows are that they are on the soft side, so fall out can be an issue with them.  By the same token though, that is what makes them so nicely blendable. I fix fall out issues by applying them wet most of the time and/or using a good primer. LORAC happens to make a pretty decent eye primer and I also like to use Urban Decay Primer Potion.

The palette contains the following shades, only four shades are duplicates from the LORAC Pro Palette and Pro Palette 2:

16 Matte Shades: Cream (from the PRO Palette), Fawn, Camel, Sepia, Dusty Plum, Orchid, Mulberry, Espresso (from the PRO Palette), White (From the PRO Palette), Khaki, Brown, Stone, Lilac, Wisteria, Gray, Black (from PRO Palette and PRO Palette 2)

16 Shimmer Shades: Opal, Sand, Copper, Sienna, Apricot, Blush, Merlot, Indigo, Vanilla, Cashmere, Smokey Topaz, Dusty Rose, Granite, Maroon, Deep Teal, Caviar.

Here are swatches of the LORAC Mega Pro palette. Row one (mattes):

LORAC Mega Pro Swatches


LORAC Mega Pro Swatches Row two (mattes):

LORAC Mega Pro Palette Swatches

LORAC Mega Pro row three (shimmers):

LORAC Megapro palette swatches

Row four LORAC Mega Pro swatches (shimmers). The black shimmer was my only real disappointment in the set. It isn’t bad, but I have better black shimmers in other palettes. But hey, one “dud” (which really isn’t that much of a “dud”) out of 32 is a pretty darn good record!

LORAC Mega Pro Shadow Swatches


I have long been a fan of LORAC and their original Pro Palette is a big favorite of mine. I also just the other day picked up the LORAC Pro 2 palette. Here are the three palettes together. Between these and my unzipped palette (which I also adore) I could pretty much never need any other eye shadows and could quit shopping. But given how I love to buy makeup, that of course will not happen!  You can see my LORAC Pro review and swatches here. I’ll be doing the Pro 2 next week or so.

The Lorac Pro Palettes

They do make a nice set of products!

LORAC Pro Palettes

Overall, this is the best item I have bought so far this year. I anticipate getting a lot of use from it. If you want it, move fast. I suspect it will not stay in stock very long!

Buy it at Amazon.com



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