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Summer Beauty Essentials, Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of my summer beauty essentials. As I sit in my NY garden on this warm June evening, listening to the calming sound of the water from the fountain and looking at the twinkling stars scattered throughout the clear sky. I thought to myself the way we feel about our bodies is particularly relevant this season. So I’m sharing something personal with you today. As you know my body is my product and therefore my work really keeps my body in check. However, this past winter (yes the coldest in 20years winter) took a toll on my discipline in the form of late night eating and reduced workouts. So when I found out this week that my body fat percentage had gone up considerably my heart sank. Last year it was 18.6% and jumped to 25.6% this year. My size is the same, it is the body fat, which is important for more reasons then just looking good. So I’m sharing this with you because I think it matters and we should all know our body fat percentage. I challenge you to find out yours. My goal is to get back to 18.6% and then to 15% – which was my original goal. I am sharing what works for me and I hope it inspires you in some way.

emma montauk
Loving summer at The Montauk Beach House.

So today I’m sharing the adjustments I’ve made. This is not easy to share, however like I said once I reflected I knew the reason for this huge jump. No 1 – no more late night eating. This was something that fast became a habit during the winter. In NY late dinners are the norm because of the hours we work. So I have shifted my entire eating routine. I am trying hard to start every single day with my nutribullet, which consists of protein (hemp) good fat (hemp, coconut oil, chia seeds) and fibre (chia seeds/veggies or fruit). Being a vegan rocks, it is simply having the discipline to eat at the times that work with your body, not against it. I also would sometimes skip breakfast and lunch and then eat a large dinner – hard to admit this but yes I did that! No more. I love my body and looking after it is a priority. This proves it is more then just eating right, it’s eating at the right time.

What you eat has the biggest impact on how you look, however when accompanied with exercise your body can function at its optimal level. I belong to a fabulous gym called Equinox (which are in major cities across America and London). I take yoga and now more pilates, combined with cardio. I now know I have to step up my resistance training a lot more. So that is my focus. Toning this body up. Exercise also keeps me balanced and clears my mind.

So why is it important to know your body fat percentage? Well if it is above the desirable range your risk for developing heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, gallstones and certain cancers increases. It is all interconnected. The result of taking care of yourself on the inside simply has the major side benefit of glowing skin, lustrous hair and a hot body. Just don’t eat late at night.

Now let’s talk skin tone – I’m a lover of shorts and to keep my legs smooth and supple I use a body scrub (yes I’m still a fan of the ‘lavender sea salt scrub’ by Trader Joe’s). As you know I use Natures Gate organic coconut oil as a body moisturizer and when that is too thick I turn to Badger antioxidant body oil with lavender – Damascus Rose. I’m a fan of their balms and love Badger healing balm for hardworking hands; Badger aromatic chest rub (especially when rubbed in by my baby – wink wink); Badger foot balm (great for heels and toes alike). These 2oz tins fit effortlessly into the smallest of bags and are ideal for traveling and whenever you get the urge for a chest rub really – couldn’t resist that.

emma spring

I’m an enormous fan of massage, apart from the endless obvious internal benefits, it is superb for skin tone. I indulged in a weekly massage when I first moved to NY and I need to start that habit again.

Thank you for letting me open up and share this experience with you. Sometimes we have to make adjustments because we get off track or something unhealthy becomes a habit. I will keep you updated on my body fat percentage goal.

I’m ready for the challenge beauty lovers

So until next time beauty lovers – love your body on the inside and watch it look it’s best on the outside. And shine bright like a diamond. Because we’re beautiful like diamonds in the sky!

Part 3 of the Summer Beauty Essentials arrives next week – stay tuned.

Emma is represented by MMG model management in NYC.
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Photo credit to Lenka Drstakova.

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