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Best Beauty Products of 2009

Below are my 15 favorite beauty products of 2009. These come from reviews I did during the year, so while many were also released in 2009, some are older products that I simply tried for the first time during the year.  The products are in no particular order.  You might also be interested in my Best of 2008 and  Best of 2007 lists. All links are to my original reviews.

(1) Kate Somerville Exfolikate: A combo of physical and enzyme exfoliation that is hands down the best exfoliator that I have ever used.

(2) Etude House BB Cream SPF 30: A great basic blemish balm with SPF protection. Wear it as a makeup base for great coverage.

(3) Bobbi Brown Nude Eye Palette: A wonderful collection of neutral eye shadows from Bobbi Brown cosmetics.

(4) Amazing Cosmetics Mineral Makeup: Amazing Cosmetics makes one of the few available pressed mineral foundations that does not contain bismuth. It gives good coverage and comes in an attractive case.

(5) By Lauren Luke, My Smoky Classics Makeup Palette: Lauren Luke’s makeup palettes have great shades of well pigmented makeup. If you want a great makeup kit any of the By Lauren Luke items are a good choice.

(6) Arbonne Mascara: Arbonne makes a great dual ended mascara. One side gives great length and the other seals in the product and helps with definition.  It gives a nice look, great length and it even curls.

(7) MAC Cosmetics Black Baby Goth Girl Nail Polish: A lovely deep purple nail polish with sparkles that looks black in some light, but sows its hint of purple at times as well. This was limited edition, so I don’t know if it can still be found.

(8) Tria Beauty in home Laser Hair Removal: The Trial Beauty home laser hair removal device makes laser hair removal easy and affordable (as compared to the cost of salon treatments).

(9) Purely Cosmetics Mineral Foundation: Purely Cosmetics makes a great selection of bismuth free mineral makeup and cosmetics. The selection is fantastic and there are plenty of available shades.

(10) Marc Jacobs Cucumber Splash: A light, crisp, fresh scent that is perfect for everyday wear. I love this fragrance!

(11) Per-fekt Skin Perfection Gel: A wonderful makeup primer that comes in various shades and that includes anti-aging ingredients.

(12) Exuviance Matte Perfection: Another very nice makeup primer that is specially formulated for oily skin. It does a great job at keeping makeup smooth and matte.

(13) Derma Doctor Poetry in Lotion: This is a great 1% retinol lotion, which is the highest concentration allowed over the counter. I found it to be less irritating than other retinol lotions.

(14) MAC Cosmetics Hello Kitty Collection: This limited edition Hello Kitty Makeup collection was a must have for all Hello Kitty fans. You may still be able to find some items on eBay. There are rumors of a second MAC Hello Kitty Collection in the works for 2010, but I have no idea how much truth there is to that.

(15) M Lab anti-aging treatments and skin care: M lab makes a wonderful line of skin care products. All are packed full of top active ingredients, and I loved every single item that I tried. They are rather expensive, but worth it.

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